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Plastic manufacturing generates trim waste.

We turn scrap into
high-quality materials.

Scrap TPU.png

TPU trim scrap is sourced within the USA from manufacturing processes.


Trim is chopped into regrind so that it can be re-processed through compounding.

tpu 2.png
tpu 1.png
Recycled+ TPU
Made in America

After quality control and compounding, post-industrially recycled TPU becomes Recycled+™ with enhanced properties.

Ready for Another Life

With 96%+ recycled content and properties to rival virgin TPU, Recycled™ TPU can be used as the standalone material or main content of your product. Available in full container loads already, here is an easy way to incorporate sustainability into your products today. 

Enhanced performance.png

Retuned properties such as melt strength and tensile modulus

Translucent and natural resin is easily colorable

Compatible with injection molding

and extrusion

Featuring 77-96+% post-industrial recycled content


Switch to Recycled+™ today  


Recycled+™ TPU available today in full container loads

‡ Representative performance specifications

*6 °C/90°/150,000 cycles, 100 cycles/min. Expressed as % growth of 0.1 in. cut

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