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 Lifecycled TPU

Our newest performance polymer, Lifecycled™ TPU, has all the same performance and qualities as conventional TPU and it’s made from Lifecycled™ plastic waste.

1A - Lifecycled TPU 3 (1).png

Using our breakthrough ATOD™ chemical process, once impossible-to-recycle materials are broken down into the building blocks that can be Lifecycled™ into new, performance materials.

2A - Plastic Waste 1.jpg

It's not recycled,
it's Lifecycled™

Artwork by Naomi White

2B - CloudPrime 2.jpg

Introducing the world’s first Lifecycled™ running shoe, produced in partnership with On. Lifecycled™ TPU is featured as the outsole for On’s carbon capture consortium shoe, Cloudprime.

2C - Novoloop x On.png
3A - Plastic Waste 2.jpg

Garbage is gold

Artwork by Naomi White

3B - Lifecycled Film 1.jpg

Introducing the world’s first Lifecycled™ bonding products produced in partnership with Bemis to create the next generation of sustainable bonding solutions enabled by Novoloop’s Lifecycled™ TPU

3C - Novoloop x Bemis.png

Lifecycling™ creates performance materials that really perform

Where some see waste, 
we see possibilities


Cody Higginson, Ph.D., our Product & Innovation Manager, explains how Lifecycling™ works and what it means for a circular future.

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