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 We're the Lifecycling company


At Novoloop, we envision a truly circular world where materials become building blocks, and hard-to-recycle plastics are remade into something better. We're on a mission to create a waste-free world, an infinite loop of possibilities.

Only 4% of all polyethylene bags and films are recycled today.

We transform linear plastic waste into circular performance materials

Our Lifecycling™ platform transforms non-recyclable plastics, such as bags and packaging, into performance materials with a small carbon footprint. We chemically alter the post-consumer polyethylene to create building blocks, which we use to make thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). This reduces carbon emissions by up to 41% compared to traditional methods.

Our Recycling+™ platform takes post-industrial manufacturing scrap to make enhanced compounds that are better than conventionally recycled materials.


By coupling these two platforms, we're enabling real polymer-to-polymer circularity in the performance category.

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Circularity by Novoloop

The Lifecycling™ Platform

Virgin-quality polyol and TPU are made with post-consumer content at a significant CO₂-eq reduction

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Step 1
Waste Sourcing


When you throw away plastic bags or packaging (polyethylene), it eventually ends up in the city waste stream. Unfortunately, very little of post-consumer polyethylene is ever recycled. Novoloop works with partners in the waste recovery and recycling value chain to source polyethylene waste, the starting material for Novoloop’s Lifecycled™ products. Novoloop pays for the waste, generating an incentive to keep waste out of landfills, incinerators, or worse, oceans.

Step 2


First-of-a-Kind Innovation

We apply our revolutionary Accelerated Thermal Oxidative Decomposition (ATOD) technology to oxidize plastic waste, bringing it down to its molecular monomers, purifying, and synthesizing back into high-quality, good-as-new polyols that are normally produced from fossil fuels.




3D - Purification copy.png


Step 3
Lifecycled™ TPU


Lifecycled™ polyols are then used to create Lifecycled™ TPU, a virgin quality drop-in resin optimized to meet the processing needs of thousands of everyday applications.

Post-industrial recycled TPU with performance modifiers to displace virgin, fossil-derived materials

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Step 2

We meticulously quality control TPU regrind

scrap and then optimize its properties through compounding to enhance consistency and performance.

Step 3
Recycled+™ TPU

Our new product line performs better than recycled and can displace virgin, fossil-derived materials. Recycled+ can serve as either the sole material or the primary component in manufactured products, delivering performance that closely rivals that of virgin materials.

Step 1
TPU Scrap Sourcing

Recognizing the unavoidable creation of post-industrial scrap in manufacturing, Novoloop systematically collects these surplus materials.

tpu applications.png
Step 4
Product Manufacturing

Novoloop supplies brands and their manufacturing partners with Lifecycled™ TPU resin, engineered for easy integration into standard manufacturing processes, including injection molding and extrusion.

The Recycling+™ Platform

An infinite loop of possibilities


At Novoloop, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the plastic challenge by creating impactful technology. We believe that sustainability should not be a luxury, and we’re committed to help industries transition to a circular economy.

We’re a venture-backed, fast-growing company, led by world-class talent and dedicated executives from the chemicals and plastics industries.

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