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 We're the Lifecycling company


At Novoloop, we envision a truly circular world where materials become building blocks, and hard-to-recycle plastics are remade into something better. Our Lifecycling™ platform uses plastic waste to make performance materials that are molecularly identical to conventional products. We're on a mission to create a waste-free world, an infinite loop of possibilities.

Only 4% of all polyethylene bags and films are recycled today.

We transform plastic waste into performance materials


The world’s first Lifecycling™ platform chemically transforms un-recyclable polyethylene (plastic bags, films, packaging, to name a few) into high quality chemical building blocks that are assembled into performance materials. Our process can produce these building blocks with a 70-90% lower CO2-eq footprint than conventional fossil processes. By building back up into performance materials, we upgrade molecules 30-50x in value, while delivering a carbon reduction of up to 41% on the final material.

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The Lifecycling™ Platform

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Step 1


When you throw away a plastic bag or the plastic packaging from your mail, or most plastic films (polyethylene), it eventually ends up in the city waste stream and gets sorted at a material recovery facility. Unfortunately, very little of this type of material is ever recycled. Novoloop works with partners in the recovery and recycling value chain to source polyethylene waste, the starting material for Novoloop’s Lifecycled™ TPU. Novoloop pays for the waste, generating an incentive to keep waste out of landfills, incinerators, or worse, oceans.

Step 2


The world’s first chemical 
Lifecycling™ process.

We apply our revolutionary ATOD™ technology to disintegrate plastic waste, bringing it down to its molecular foundation, purifying it, and transforming it into high-quality, good-as-new building blocks that are normally produced from fossil fuels.


Dicarboxylic acid monomers are harvested from broken down polyethylene material with a 70-90% CO2-eq reduction compared to adipic acid.

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The monomers are purified in a proprietary process that removes inorganic and organic contaminants, making them suitable for reformulation into performance materials.

Step 3


These building blocks are then combined with other ingredients to create Lifecycled™ TPU, formulated to meet the processing needs of thousands of everyday applications.

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Step 4
Product Innovation


World's first Lifecycled™ running shoe with ON

We're proud to announce our Lifecycled™ TPU outsole innovation featured for On’s newest carbon capture consortium shoe, Cloudprime. The achievement is the result of a two year-long joint development, in which both companies invested in creating a Lifecycled™ TPU made from an unconventional carbon feedstock originating from plastic waste.

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An infinite loop of possibilities


At Novoloop, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the biggest challenge of our time by creating impactful technology. We believe that sustainability should not be a luxury, and we’re committed to help industries transition to a circular economy.

We’re a venture-backed, fast-growing company, led by world-class talent and dedicated executives from the chemicals and plastics industries.

Our investors

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